Image, for here or to go?(2016 - )

This project is intended to collect images of non-mainstream aesthetics in the city, most of which are produced by non-art-trained anonymous people, perhaps to showcase their own goods or pure decorative effects. I call this type of image a "civilian image".


It represents the images with low pixels and fast circulation. The elements of  these images are mostly downloaded directly from the internet, they are heavily uploaded, downloaded, shared, modified and edited. The amount of pixels of the image determine its own class, and they contrasts the images in advertisement of luxury brands and sci-fi movies.


Time: 13/10/ 2016

Location: 漕宝路 Caobao road

City: Shanghai, CN

Time: 29/10/ 2016

Location: Viale Molise

City: Milan, IT

Time: 03/03/ 2017

Location: Toilet of Hamburg Airport

City: Hamburg, DE